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รหัส : NCS500-CT
ยี่ห้อ : YAMAHA
รุ่น : NCS500-CT
รายละเอียดย่อ :
ระบบบันทึกเสียง/ DAW Systems
รายละเอียดทั้งหมด :


YAMAHA NCS500-CT ระบบบันทึกเสียง/ DAW Systems


เพื่อการแก้ไขส่วนต่างๆอย่างมีประสิทธิภาพ ด้วยปุ่มควบคุมที่ออกแบบมาเป็นพิเศษ พร้อมทั้งยังสามารถ Touch-Screen บนหน้าจอได้

Everything needed for fast, efficient Nuendo editing is available and within easy reach. The control selection and layout have been largely influenced by feedback from the field, giving operators what they really need where they need it, rather than a confusing tangle of superfluous bells and whistles. The interface is direct, intuitive, and businesslike, ready to get the job done with superlative productivity and quality.


Multifunction Touch-screen Display and Knobs

DAW System NUAGE: Multifunction Touch-screen Display and Knobs


A responsive touch-screen display plus eight touch-sensitive multi-function knobs give you direct control of EQ, dynamics, plug-in effects, and other parameters with immediate, lucid visual feedback that contributes to smooth operation. When used with one or more Nuage Fader units the display also shows selected fader unit parameters, and the multi-function knobs work in the same way as those on the fader units for consistent operation throughout any combination of components.

Precision Machined Jog Wheel

DAW System NUAGE: Precision Machined Jog Wheel


Precision machined from solid high-quality stainless steel stock, this jog wheel contributes to effortless editing and transport control with weight, inertia, and comfort that can make even marathon editing sessions a pleasure. Resolution is notably higher than the average editing jog wheel too, for unmatched accuracy in controlling forward and reverse playback at up to 8x speed, scrubbing, object and range selection, zoom, fades, and more.

User Assignable Section

DAW System NUAGE: User Assignable Section


Every engineer has his or her own way of approaching the editing process, and every application presents different challenges. The Nuage Master unit features a "User Assignable Section" with controls that can be customized by the operator to provide direct access to the functions and parameters needed for the task at hand. Functions that need to be performed repeatedly, such as importing audio files, for example, can be assigned for one-button efficiency.

Comprehensive, Easy-access Control Layout

DAW System NUAGE: Comprehensive, Easy-access Control Layout


The TRANSPORT section controls are central to most editing processes, so they're strategically located just above the jog wheel where the operator can easily manipulate both with minimum hand movement. The CONTROL ROOM section, providing direct access to Nuendo Control Room monitoring features, as well as the MONITOR SOURCE and CUE sections, are also located within easy reach above the transport controls, thoughtfully organized and grouped for fast, efficient, error-free operation.

Combine With Up To Three Nuage Fader Units

For applications that are all editing and little or no mixing, a Nuage Master unit and appropriate I/O might be all that is required. But when multiple sources/channels and mixing are part of the process, one Nuage Master unit can be used with from one to three Nuage Fader units, depending on the number of physical fader channels required.

Workspace units for a streamlined and productive working environment.


DAW System NUAGE: Workspace units

* The photo shows a custom installation.

Nuage Workspace units feature dimensions and design that are a perfect match for the Nuage Fader and Nuage Master units, allowing a keyboard, surround panner, 19 inch rack mount devices, and other custom extras to be added to a Nuage system while maintaining overall workflow and visual unity. Two Nuage Workspace units are available: a large model that is the same size as the Nuage fader unit, and a small model that can be added to a Nuage Master unit to match the width of a standard 24” monitor display.