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รหัส : NCS500-FD
ยี่ห้อ : YAMAHA
รุ่น : NCS500-FD
รายละเอียดย่อ :
ระบบบันทึกเสียง/ DAW Systems
รายละเอียดทั้งหมด :


YAMAHA NCS500-FD ระบบบันทึกเสียง/ DAW Systems



The most advanced, well-integrated channel strip control surface for any DAW. Nuage Fader works with a standard 24” LCD monitor to provide sweeping access to Nuendo mixing functionality, with deep integration and solid performance that can only be achieved in a purpose-built system. Yamaha console knowhow meets Steinberg software excellence with beautiful results.


A Brilliant Fusion of Hardware & Software

DAW System NUAGE: A Brilliant Fusion of Hardware & Software


Any standard 24” LCD monitor display* can be used to provide a smooth visual extension of the physical Nuage fader channel strips right into the Nuendo mixer window. The continuity between control surface and display achieved by the Extensive Console View concept keeps all controls and parameters in context so the operator can intuitively reach for the right fader, button, or knob while concentrating fully on the job at hand. 16 channels can be controlled at once with two encoders per channel, or all encoders can be mapped to one or two highlighted channels in the Channel Setting Mode.

* Monitor display(s) are not included and must be supplied by the user.

Multi-function Knobs

DAW System NUAGE: Multifunction Knobs


In addition to a linear fader, each of the 16 channel strips provided on each Nuage Fader unit includes two rotary encoders –"knobs"– that are touch sensitive and also include an integral push button. Each knob can control a number of parameters in a number of ways. Normally the knobs function within their own channel strip, allowing hands on control of 16 separate channels at a time. But in the Channel Setting Mode all 32 knobs are mapped to just one channel, allowing detailed control of multiple parameters for that channel, or the knobs can be assigned to two channels in 16-knob groups. All this versatility means the Nuage Fader unit will mesh effectively with just about any workflow, and even inspire new and improved ways of getting things done!

Touch Slider for Fast Channel Access

DAW System NUAGE: Touch Slider for Fast Channel Access


Now that everyone is thoroughly familiar with computer trackpads, the Nuage Touch Slider will be easy. Simply slide a finger along the horizontal Touch Slider strip to shift Nuendo channels left or right in relation to the Nuage Fader channel strips, use flick gestures to quickly shift a larger range of channels, or use the "Bank Flick" feature to flick channels in groups of eight. There are also customizable channel layouts that bring important channels to the surface with just one button press. Lock your stem or master busses to the surface to access them at any time.

Color Matching with Nuendo Track Icons

DAW System NUAGE: Color Matching with Nuendo Track Icons


Nuendo channel names appear in the corresponding Nuage Fader channel name displays, and the colors of the illuminated knob surrounds and the bars below the channel name displays match the colors of the Nuendo channel type icons, so the operator can confirm channel relationships at a glance.

Organized Utility Section

DAW System NUAGE: Organized Utility Section


In addition to straightforward mixing and parameter tweaking, a powerful DAW like Nuendo allows a multitude of switching and selection operations that, if not comprehensively organized, can disrupt an otherwise smooth workflow. The Nuage Fader unit utility control section keeps everything neatly organized for easy, confusion-free access. CHANNEL VIEW controls switch between mixer channel displays, SECTION CONTROL controls allow convenient channel strip section switching, and DAW SELECT controls switch between multiple DAWs connected to the Nuage system.

Optimum Space Utilization

DAW System NUAGE: Optimum Space Utilization


The compact, rack-mount compatible dimensions of Nuage components are an advantage to begin with, but thoughtful features like producer desk surfaces and a keyboard space built into the console palm rest take space utilization efficiency to the next level. Like many of the productivity features implemented in the Nuage system, the space-saving aspects are based on invaluable feedback from professionals in the field.

Ready for Large Multi-DAW Projects


A Nuage system can connect to up to four *DAWs that can be brought online individually from the Nuage Fader DAW SELECT controls. The various DAWs can be located in separate studios or machine rooms where they are used to handle separate elements of a large project, and then brought together at the Nuage system for final assembly and editing. And since Nuage includes HUI control compatibility, it provides basic access to any HUI compatible DAW that you might want to use as a player or dubber.